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Bloxels Builders

What’s more fun than playing a game? Making your own! Well, and then playing it. Kids can use the Bloxels game board and blocks to create the characters, levels, and other art for their games. They capture all of that using the Bloxels Builder App, which turns it all into a playable game on the tablet.

We currently have 10 of the Bloxels Video Game Builder kits, plus tablets, and extra blocks, to work with 10-20 kids at a time. Kids can usually work in groups of 2. This activity can be done in 30 minutes, but we recommend allowing an hour or more for most groups.

Want to have this activity at your event?

This is what you'll need to host this activity:

  • Plenty of table space and chairs. We recommend one 6-foot table for every 4 kids who will complete the activity.
  • WiFi is helpful! The Bloxels Builder App doesn’t require WiFi, but playing some of the other games in the library does.
  • 1-2 Coder Kids Club staff or trained event staff/volunteers to set up, monitor, and assist. The apps and software are very easy to use, but sometimes kids need help. An instructor will demonstrate making art work and a game level on the board, and capturing that in the app, at the start of the activity. Then instructors will circulate, to assist and kids who need help.

Please contact us for availability and pricing for this activity.

Want to do it yourself?

Want to do this activity on your own? You’ll need a Bloxels Video Game Builder Kit for every 2 kids, plus a tablet with the Bloxels Builder App. The app is free.

Additional Resources

If you wish to DIY, here are some resources that might help.


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