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We are Hiring, Again!

We are hiring for the following part-time positions: Instructor – Instructors do classroom setup/breakdown, lead groups through Coder Kids Club course materials, help with creating and revising materials, and supervise the children in their classes. They will also attend special events, to help promote the Coder Kids Club. Right now we are particularly in need of staff who […]


Make a Paper Torch

Want to make a Minecraft-inspired paper torch? We do this with some of our camps, and the resulting torches are not only pretty cool, they tend to last a while, thanks to the lamination. They are not indestructible, but can actually be used. My daughter made one, and then used it for camping! Materials & […]


Lava Buckets

Let’s craft some lava! This activity lets you see: How molecules are attracted to other molecules that are like them, such as oil to oil and water to water. How density affects liquids. What happens when you add water to citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. Important: These instructions are for a small test tube (10 […]


Spawn Eggs (Bath Bombs)

Let’s craft some spawn eggs, or as your parents probably call them, bath bombs! This activity won’t show you anything, until you actually use the spawn eggs, but then you’ll get to see what happens when you add water to citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. The eggs will fizz with the release of carbon dioxide. […]


Make Slime, Another Way

It’s slime time! This is a variation on the glue and borax version we usually use, and is much more slimy and messy, so we don’t do it as often. Download a printable PDF with these instructions. Materials 1 plastic cup 1 popsicle stick 1 plastic bag water glue liquid starch food coloring Procedure Add 1 […]