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Coder Kids Club Contest

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Week of July 20: Coding and Making

We changed the camp for the week of July 20 just a bit. The previously scheduled Gamer Club (PM) for that week has been changed to Maker Club, by popular demand. Kids will learn how to build simple machines, electronics, wearable gadgets, and more. They’ll each get a Maker Kit, stuffed with parts to create their masterpieces, and should have some spare pieces left over after 5 days of fun, to continue tinkering at home. Space is very limited for this club.

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Club Age Ranges

You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened! Children ages 7 through 14 (2nd through 8th grade) are now allowed in all of our clubs. Some clubs are more appropriate for a smaller subset of that range, and I have updated the descriptions to reflect that.

Older children are always welcome, and they’ll certainly learn something new, but I have to warn that they might find the activities in some of the clubs (especially Code Warriors) a little too “childish” for their liking. Then again, if they still love watching Cartoon Network, and playing with Legos, they might be totally fine! In other clubs, we might also move a bit slower, for the younger kids, but I’m working on building out some independent activities that the older (or just faster) kids can do if they finish early.

If we have enough kids enrolled in a single club, we do have the space at Pongos to split the children up according to age and ability, so please, spread the word.

And finally, I’m going to add some more clubs geared specifically towards the older kids! I was planning to wait to do this in the fall, but so many of you have asked for it now, that I’m going to get those clubs going sooner. Stay tuned for more details later this week.

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VGU CON 2015

If you love video games, and you’re in the DC area, then you should check out the VGU CON, October 3-4, at the DC Convention Center. This is the second national conference for Video Gamers United, and Coder Kids Club (along with Pongos) will be there. We’re going to teach several workshops for the kids in attendance, with the help of some of our members and parents. Stay tuned for some more details!

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The Coder Kids Club is Going to School

The Coder Kids Club will be teaching a 1-hour Introduction to Coding class to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Crofton Meadows Elementary school during their regular computer lab time at the end of May and beginning of June. We are very excited about this opportunity to share our love of coding with the kids, and we hope the kids enjoy the class!

Want the Coder Kids Club to visit your school? Contact us to schedule a time.