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VGU CON 2015

If you love video games, and you’re in the DC area, then you should check out the VGU CON, October 3-4, at the DC Convention Center. This is the second national conference for Video Gamers United, and Coder Kids Club (along with Pongos) will be there. We’re going to teach several workshops for the kids in attendance, with the help of some of our members and parents. Stay tuned for some more details!

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The Coder Kids Club is Going to School

The Coder Kids Club will be teaching a 1-hour Introduction to Coding class to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Crofton Meadows Elementary school during their regular computer lab time at the end of May and beginning of June. We are very excited about this opportunity to share our love of coding with the kids, and we hope the kids enjoy the class!

Want the Coder Kids Club to visit your school? Contact us to schedule a time.

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It’s Alive!

The Coder Kids Club is finally alive.

For the past three years, I have gone to Career Day at my daughter’s school. Each year I spend a couple of hours showing the kids how cool my job is. They get to program a robot (also known as “me”) to dance, make cartoon characters move around the screen, and play some of the games I’ve made over the years.

Every year, after career day, my daughter has asked, “Mommy, when are you going to teach me how to code?”

Well, now it’s time! Part of why we decided to do this was to teach the Pongos kids how to code. After I told my daughter of my plan to teach her, she asked if her friends could join her, and that’s where the Coder Kids Club was born. I figured that more than just her personal friends would be interested.

Our first evening club, which will start on May 12, 2015, is already on the schedule, along with a couple of summer camp options that will start June 22 and June 29. We’ll add more to the schedule as soon as possible. I would also love to take the club on the road, so if you have kids in your area that would be interested in learning to code, and some space for them to do it, please let me know.