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We are seeking “Activity Sponsors” for MineFest on May 6, 2018, at the Bowie Baysox  P.G. Stadium. This kid-centric, Minecraft-themed special event will be held in the climate-controlled Suite Level, before and during the regularly-scheduled game. Each Activity Sponsor will be responsible for staffing and running a Minecraft-themed activity table. This event is specifically about Minecraft, and all activities will relate to that.

Activity Sponsors should provide kid-friendly products and/or services. Sponsors that offer anything related to Minecraft, gaming, and computers will be especially popular at this event. Purveyors of kid-friendly comics, books, clothing, and toys are also encouraged to participate. We also welcome sponsors who provide educational, special event, athletic, medical, dental, and similar services for kids. Please, no adult-oriented sponsors. This event is specifically for kids!

Activities Available for Sponsorship

Some activities are planned for the Suite Level, while others are planned for the main concourse. That is noted in each activity description.

  • Builder’s Lounge – Have fun with computers, tablets, and consoles for Minecraft. This is always the most popular destination at the event; everyone with a VIP ticket comes to the Builder’s Lounge.  We will provide all of the materials for this activity, as well as some staffing. This activity will be in the Suite Level.
  • Pixel Place – Make fuse bead pixel art. We can supply an iron and ironing board for this activity, but you’ll need to supply the rest. This activity will be in the Suite Level.
  • Brick Builders – Build in the real world, with LEGO bricks. Bring lots of bricks for this activity! This activity will be on the Main Concourse.
  • Creeper Callers – Use a few simple materials to create a noisemaker. You will need to provide all of the materials. This activity will be on the Main Concourse.
  • Box Heads – Kids can design and build their own “box heads,” to become their favorite Minecraft characters. We will provide the materials for 100 kids to do the “box head” activity, which will be located on the Main Concourse, but you will need to provide staffing for it. We suggest bringing some additional Minecraft printed coloring activities (we can send suggestions) in case you run out of the box heads
  • Suggest an Activity – Do you have a fun, “crafty” activity? Let us know! These activities will most likely be in the Suite Level.

What’s Included

Coder Kids Club and/or the Bowie Baysox will provide:

  • Instructions and materials lists for the activity (if applicable). Most of the activities require $25-100 worth of materials, which can be purchased locally or online. Some activities require printing many copies of templates. We can provide PDFs of the templates for you to print, and you can customize/brand them if you wish.
  • A table and chairs for the activity. The size of the table will depend on the activity. Each sponsor will have enough space at the table for a small display of promotional materials such as business cards, post cards, and/or brochures. If you need additional space and/or tables to set up a merchandise display, that might require an additional sponsorship. Please let us know if you think you might need that.
  • Up to two non-participant passes.
  • Exposure to plenty of people who are looking for kid-friendly products and services. We expect 200+ attendees in the suite level. On the main concourse, you’ll be seen by pretty much everyone who attends the game! All sponsors will get additional exposure to everyone attending the game that afternoon via signage during game day. Average attendance last year was over 3,600 people.

Activity Sponsors will:

  • Provide all equipment and materials for the activity, unless otherwise noted that we will provide them.
  • Provide a name, logo, and contact info to include in marketing and promotional materials.
  • Provide a prize (suggested minimum retail value of $25). All prizes should be appropriate for children! We will distribute prizes to the winner(s) of our planned costume contest, build challenges, as well as randomly-selected participants.
  • Display promotional materials at the sponsored activity table, plus provide additional materials to include at the event check-in table.
  • Provide 1-2 staff at the sponsored activity (craft or game) table. Staff should check wristbands, to make sure only participants are completing the activity, be able to assist participants with the activity, and tell participants and their parents about their product and/or service. If you would rather just drop off your promotional materials, and have us staff the table, you may do so, for an additional cost.

Important: Activity Sponsors may not sell merchandise at the event or distribute/display promotional materials outside of the event area (Suite Level) without the express permission of the Bowie Baysox. If you want the contact info to get permission, please indicate when you register.

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Builder's Lounge, Pixel Place, Brick Builders, Creeper Callers, Box Heads, Suggest an Activity